METIS demo version available

Daniel AmstutzNews, Promo

In the world of biotech and in laboratory environments in general, it is necessary to establish a proper documentational system for lab data and findings. There are several capable yet complex and often overly complicated pieces of software that allow that. And more often than not, software like that has its price.

For these and other reasons, we from QBDC have developed a simplistic, yet powerful Experimental Database System for managing, organizing and visualizing experimental data that is easy to use, learn, and implement.

It is called ”METIS“ refering to the Oceanid in Greek mythology with the same name, first wife of Zeus and mother of wisdom and deep thought.

As of today, the METIS is now available upon request as a demo version.

If you are interested in using METIS, please contact us and we will provide you with a customized demo version that is valid for 45 days upon first use.

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