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Welcome to the new website!

You may have already seen it – or not, but in either case we’d like to
proudly announce our complete website overhaul!
It took us a bit of time to have it done in a way we wanted, but now we’re happy.

Feel free to have a look around. On our → about-page, we tell you who we are as a company, who the faces are behind the logo, and list our closest partners.
On the → what-page, we show you what QBDC is all about: We are consultants for the biopharmaceutical industry, but what does that mean exactly? We offer tailored services in a wide range of topics, but also offer you ready-made and customizable solutions.
We approach our everyday challenges from different angles, on the → how-page, we tell you which ones.
The → Hub is a work in progress that we will extend continuously. It shall serve you and us as a starting point for knowledge and information.
And last but not least, on the → contact-page you may give us a note, some feedback or request more information if we’ve made you curious about what we could do for you.

Given the occasion, we’d like to also present you our newest “recruit”!
Since the beginning of this month, → Monika Brazda has now officially become part of our family.
Monika’s extensive knowledge in GMP matters and regulatory affairs make her a most welcome addition to our team. She fills a gap in QBDC’s range of expertise, which in turn will allow us to us address topics like establishment of a Quality Management System or Assessment of given GMP workflows more directly than before.
Welcome to QBDC!

As for you, dear visitor, thank you for being here and being with us!
If you have any questions regarding what we can do for you or how we can assist you, do not hesitate to get in touch.
Thank you!

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