Government funding granted for QBDC project “ATLAS”

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The fuse is lit for project “ATLAS”

With TEMIS ready to be rolled out, we are now taking the next step in our product development endeavours: Project ATLAS shall give small, young organizations a head-start in their attempts to go fully GMP-compliant. An initial funding was granted by Innosuisse, the official Swiss Innovation Agency.

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The idea of project ATLAS is to develop a fully validated appliance according to Part 11 and other relevant regulations, which shall allow its users to store, manage and secure their digital records, data and documents. Of course, this appliance shall be natively capable to run TEMIS and METIS and may be implemented with or without our software.

However, not only shall the appliance comply with pharma regulations, it shall also be state-of the-art regarding IT security. ATLAS requires user authentication, backup management, encryption, secure VPN tunnelling to name a few topics it touches.

As state-of-the-art IT is something that lies beyond our scientific expertise at QBDC, we have found a valuable partner in members of the Institute of Applied Information Technology (InIT) of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) to complete the project team.

And now with the initial grant from Innosuisse, we are lighting the fuse for the project.

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