24./25.10. MEET US @ Biosimilars 2018 in Boston, USA

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13th international conference on biologics and biosimilars, Boston (USA)

In less than a couple weeks, the 13th International Conference on Biologics and Biosimilars takes place in Boston (USA), on Oct 24/25.

Most of the keynotes and panels are touching one of QBDC’s favourite topics, Biosimilars, and talk about their scientific challenges, regulatory hurdles, recent developments etc.
As it says on the website, Biosimilars as a drug class are still rather under-represented in the market, whereas Generics, the pharmaceutical equivalent, are far more common. The conference shall help companies in their Biosimilars endeavours.

On Oct 24, day 1 of the conference, our managing director Karlheinz, will hold a presentation on the topic: “How to start a Biosimilar development: A risk-based approach”, in which he will talk about how to get head start over the competition, and at the same time, how to be prepared for eventualities that may arise.

Apart from the presentation, Karlheinz will be at the conference on both days, which is a great opportunity to meet up. If you are interested in our services or products (METIS, TEMIS), get in touch soon, so we can arrange a meeting.

See you there!

For more information, visit the conference website or have a look into their scientific program.

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