METIS Database System

The “METIS Database System” (or simply: METIS) is a powerful tool for managing experimental data in a laboratory environment.

METIS has been developed by QBDC to be an assistant for recording, visualizing, comparing, assessing and sharing the data of your experiments.


  • reduces complexity through manageable information processing;
  • is fully customizable thanks to its flexible database structure;
  • is secure thanks to both integrated user permission structure and password protection;
  • allows to easily mine your data, because current and past data stand side by side;
  • is easy to use and simple to learn, because it is not a standalone software, but a Microsoft Excel AddIn. And last but not least…
  • is a considerable timesaver when it comes to evaluations and reports, due to its accessibility of past and current data as well as its ability to compare, assess and visualize.

METIS is not a standalone software, instead it becomes part of your existing MS Excel installation and benefits from its capabilities and adds some more.
This has two major advantages: There is no extensive training required to use METIS, because

  1. There is no need to learn a completely new software, almost anybody knows how to use Excel and, thus, already knows the basics of METIS.
  2. METIS can easily be implemented into current workflows, because it is very likely that Microsoft Office (and, thus, Excel) is used in your company.

Let us break down some of the features of METIS from left to right. This is not the complete list; for a complete breakdown of all the features see the manual.

The User Interface tab gives you an overview of settings regarding METIS in general and options regarding selection and visualization (i.e. diagrams)
In the Access tab you may log in with a password, which is required to be able to enter modify or even delete data. The Users buttons breaks down the various user permission levels of what is allowed and what is not.
In the Edit tab, you may enter or modify either horizontally (Line) or vertically (Lot).
The Make tab allows you to add new Elements to the database or archive (i.e. back up) the current one.
Finally, the Diagrams tab creates different types of diagrams and graphs from previously selected Parameters and Lots and the Copy then allows you to share them with others via E-Mail, Word or whichever means of communication.

Requirements: Microsoft Office 2010 or newer.
Functionality with Mac OS has not been tested yet.

For further information on METIS, feel free to contact us. We will gladly arrange a demonstration provide the 45 day demo version to you along with assistance regarding initial installation and basic operations.

METIS presentation (v1.0) [pdf]
Latest METIS Manual (v2.54) [pdf]